March 1, 2021

Waistcoat for Mairi Helena

Can't believe its over a year since I made this waistcoat for Mairi Helena!

One of the great things about making is being able to work with other designers and this was one of those projects. I'd previously worked with her beautiful printed silks to create a special waistcoat for her dad. He helps out when she shows work at exhibitions and what better way to show the versatility of her designs then to be wearing them them. A very dapper gent he had worked for so was well used to wearing a waistcoat.

This was the 2019 waistcoat, a fine printed silk interlined with organza for stability.

I was delighted that the following year Mairi came back with a request for a 2nd waistcoat. This time her printed fabric was to be used as the back and a blue Holland and Sherry fine wool for the front.

Here's a few pictures of the stages of the make. Particularly like the flash of silk used for the front breast pocket. On the back it was all about the positioning of the pattern and the whole thing was finished of with pale blue mother of pearl buttons from my stash.

Pieces sewn together
Turned through & pressed
Always test your button holes
Finished back view
Finished front view

Do go have a look at her stunning prints

Here's the 2020 waistcoat from those days when we were all out and about!

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