A little about what to expect from my bespoke corsetry service

Created in my Edinburgh studio

Commissioning a Corset or set of Stays

I’ve always been fascinated by the way women have moulded there bodies over the centuries with stays and corsetry. The way that the synthetic whale bone that we use today differs from spiral steels. How the conical shape of the early 18th century morphed into the hour glass of the 19th century and all the variations in between. I’ve found the front panels a very pleasing shape to embroider on and so create a unique garment.
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What to expect from my bespoke corsetry service

At our initial consultation in my Edinburgh studio we would discuss the shape or period that you are looking for and any imagery required. I’m equally happy to make one without embroidery.

I sketch up your design and email you a copy with covering letter summarising your requirements and the agreed cost.

After you have confirmed your wish to proceed I arrange to taking your measurements and produce a calico mock up to check the fit so far.

Changes to design can still be made at this stage. You will also be able to see your chosen fabric at this point.

Then follows several fitting of your corset or stays to refine the fit. With such a close fitting garment the small adjustments can make a huge difference. Your last visit would be to collect your bespoke garment.

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"My wedding dress was my third commission for Mairi. Having had two wonderful bodices made, I knew I couldn’t have anyone else make the dress for my big day. Mairi listened patiently to many wishes and requests and incorporated them all sensitively and ingeniously. Her bespoke service meant that I had a dress that fitted me perfectly and made me glow with confidence. I can’t recommend Mairi highly enough – her services and skills are second to none."

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