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Commissioning a Historic Gown

It’s not surprising with my interest in corsetry & stays that I have been asked to make historic based gowns & underwear during my career.

In the last 5 years I have been working with various historic dancers to produce gowns to perform in. If you are in that world you will know the shape all begins with the under garments, the chemise, stays, panniers, before we can even think of the over dress!
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Made to Perfection

The research for each gown generally begins with period paintings & looking into historic collections. There are several good source books we can refer to where original garments have been annualized and assessed. It’s a bit like archaeology in fabric looking at what history has left behind.

Once we have agreed on a period and style I will work up a pattern and mock up to fit.

We source appropriate fabrics and constructing the gown begins, perfecting the fit as we go.

I do enjoy these projects; it’s a flight of fantasy like walking back into Marie Antoinette’s boudoir, a lot of lacing folk in and out of things, such fun.
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"I absolutely love working with Mairi and wearing garments made by her. She has a palpable passion for the craft and keen to explore new areas. It is actually always an interesting journey from the initial idea of the costume to the final piece. The whole process is carefully researched from patterns to materials used to get the authentic look. At the same time, Mairi makes sure the final historical costume is comfortable and suitable for your purposes through several fittings and trials. It is a thrilling experience to get a piece fitted for you. And I am glad I had opportunities to do it with Mairi. She is also a great tutor when you have a desire to make something yourself."

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