September 11, 2020

New Website !!!

So feels great to do my first post on this new website. Think they call it a soft launch when it just goes live and you haven't told anyone much about it! I had wanted to combine my main work with the sewing class blog so you can find out whats going on all at the one site. Also I was going to be exhibiting at Cloth#20 and needed an online shop to direct people to.

Its good to have a deadline and this was going to be mine Cloth#20 on the 21st/22nd of August at the Dovecot Gallery. Never underestimate the amount of time it takes to put your website all together! Even with the help of Lee at Fletcher Digital doing all the hard graft of building the structure & sorting out all my queries it seemed to take ages. Not helped by me adding things on left right and center. I take my hat of to him for managing me so well and keeping calm to my slightly harassed messages.

So here it is everything in the one place, commissioned work, archive, a blog, a shop and my workshops. Hope you like it and it gives you a good over view of who I am and my creative process.

Happy Sewing

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